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World War 2 Alien Urinates On German Sunbeds

IN Germany, Heinz Langer says an alien urinated on his sun lounger while being chased by German fighter planes.

Cue the music: Mad dogs and Englishman…


Heinz Langer, of Hagenburg on the Steinhuder Sea in Lower Saxony, says his sun lounger had been covered in black, yellow and violet flecks that had fallen from the sky.

Says police spokesman Axel Bergman:

He noticed military aircraft in the area at the time and a short while later this liquid landed in his garden. He believed there was a connection but the military have assured us the liquid was not from their planes…

“There were military planes in the area at the time and we believe there was a connection with the appearance of this so far unidentified acidic substance.

“However we have been in touch with the German air force and been able to rule out any connection with the military.”

Unless, the Germans are planning a new offensive in the sunbed wars, to strafe German holidaymakers with tanning lotion.

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Posted: 30th, August 2009 | In: Strange But True | Comment