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Cannibal Cop Gilberto Valle and the Canterbury Chop Chop

IN “Cannibal fancies a Chinese… me“, Lian Chen, 27, a worker at the Chop Chop takeaway in Canterbury, Kent, is concerned that cannibals want to eat her. Dale Bolinger, 57, was arrested as part of the investigation into Gilberto Valle, aka the ‘Cannibal Cop’. He’s accused of plotting to kidnap and eat 100 women. It’s alleged that he and Bolinger talked online. One email from a ‘Moody Blues’ said:

“Her name is Lian. Very cute Chinese accent… will do, get a pic of her this weekend if she meets me for coffee sometime this weekend… I’ve got so many plans for her!.. Once she comes to my house I’ll just snap her neck. It’s worked before.”

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Posted: 5th, March 2013 | In: Reviews | Comments (3)