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In Pictures: Giovanni Trapattoni Salutes Thierry Henry’s Hand Of Gaul

THIERRY Henry is the new patron saint of Ireland, having given the Irish something to really feel aggrieved about for years to come. Songs will be sung in his honour. Drinks will be drunk to his name. Rivers will dance in a jinking fashion reminiscent of the goal he scored for Arsenal against Spurs all those moons ago. You can see the pictures of Henry’s selfless dedication to the Irish arts and drinking institutions here – he gave his reputation for your culture!

And hereunder can see Republic of Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni saluting The Hand Of Gaul at a press conference at the FAI Headquarters in Abbottstown, Dublin.


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Republic of Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni does "Le Catch" - from Thierry Henry's Hands For Feet Page 1,

Posted: 19th, November 2009 | In: Sports | Comment