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Haiti: Wyclef Jean’s Charity Leads Pete Wentz’s Celebrity Rally, Pictures

HAITI continues to horrify and bring hope. (Pictures – which are uplifting and harrowing). But what does hati man to you. No, not you – you: the celebrities? Anorak has always been of the view that grandstanding is vain but no big deal so long as it works and monies are raised.

Singer Wyclef Jean’s charity, Yele Haiti, has an “atrocious financial past”. Wyclef’s heard the news and responded with a video:

The story seems to be based on the shock that not evey penny you roll into the collection tin goes to the good cause – some goes to admin, staff wages, Christmas parties and other essential stuff.

Our Man in LA rounds up the showbiz givers:

LET’S face it… no Hollywood celebrity donates money to a worthy cause without maximizing the good press it will bring them. The Rat would hold up Oprah Winfrey as an example of someone who capitalizes on each donation by issuing press releases – or at the very least, directing media “leaks” – detailing the dollars she’s giving certain causes.

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