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Amanda Knox Dry Heaves Watching Hayden Pantierre In Film Trailer

HAYDEN Panettiere is the woman starring in a made-for-TV film as Amanda Knox, the convicted killer who protests her innocent in the murder of Meredith Kercher. Knox is blonde, white and appealing in Perugia, a picturesque part of Italy. The film is called Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial In Italy, a title that suggests that Italy is as much to blame as Knox.

Here’s Pantierre, whose reading of a script gives her a valuable insight into the murder of an innocent British woman:

“I believe in the person that she deep down was. And I think that no matter, regardless of innocent or guilty, I believe she was a… she has a spirit. You know she’s a real person. She was a young girl who had dreams and aspirations and was going to Italy to go to school and to broaden her horizons and have experiences and meet new people. And I don’t think that guilty or innocent takes away from that.”

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Hayden Panettiere Makes Sense Of Obama’s Economic Policy

STILL undecided about McCain or Obama? Phil Spector isn’t. If Phil isn’t enough to get you on side, here comes Hollywood blonde Hayden Panttierre to help make your mind up.

“I don’t know if anyone would complain about under-taxing to be completely honest,” Panettiere told “Personally, I’d rather have higher taxes and help other people who need those tax breaks more.”

As he says:

You know how Obama told that plumber dude he wanted to “spread the wealth around”? And then everybody went after the plumber dude for some reason, but then they were like, “Hey, wait a minute, back up.

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