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Health And Safety Bans Floats From Swimming Pool

HEALTH & Safety headline of the day: “Prudhoe pool bans floats for health & safety.”

A SWIMMING pool has stopped issuing water wings and floats – for health and safety reasons.

The flotation aids are designed to keep children safe from drowning, but staff at Waterworld in Prudhoe have been told not to hand them out.

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Health And Safety Myth Of The Month

HSE has been running its “Myth of the Month

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If All Else Fails Call Todd

HEALTH and safety. If all else fails, call Todd…


Is Gretna Van Susteren A Parody?

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Health And Safety Inspector Falls From Ladder

HEADLINE of the Day, in the Tabloid Telegraph: “Health and safety inspector falls off ladder.”

A health and safety inspector had to be rescued by firefighters after he fell from a ladder while he was carrying out a risk assessment.

Before we fail this under “Beyond Parody”, let’s investigate further.

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