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How To Make Money From The New Zealand Earthquake With Ethical Forex Trading

THE New Zealand earthquake has claimed 98 bodies so far. But, on a more positive note, your life goes on and here’s a chance to make money from disaster and all that seismic volatility. Daniel Wright tells readers of

Good morning readers,

Terrible news over in New Zealand has led to an extremely volatile market this morning, especially regarding GBP – NZD – Rates had touched 2.16 at one point however right this second appear to have stabled out.

Overnight we saw a shift of 1.6% – A difference of nearly NZD7000 on a £200,000 purchase which is huge.

Should you have NZD to purchase and want to take full advantage of this, contact us today – you can even secure a rate on a forward basis for just a small deposit should you not have full acess to your funds.

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