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Get Marc Jacobs to the Kurds now: because like the Nazis, jihadis look cool in uniform black

Nazi jihad


Because black can be very flattering. Richard Fernandez on why bad guys get the best outfits:

“Our Western leaders are on one side of the chessboard and the big kingpins of the international Jihad — the Middle Eastern billionaires and the heads of rogue state intelligence agencies — are on the other. Their foot soldiers in the lands of Islam might be starvelings fighting for a pittance. But their recruits in the West, the Lone Wolves, come from that part of the population which in each generation doesn’t want to stay on the conveyor belt. . . . It’s easy to forget how important image-identification can be. One reason the Brownshirts out-attracted the Communist youth street gangs was the Nazis’ investment in uniforms. While Communist street fighters were dressed in clothes that made them look like municipal garbagemen, the Brownshirts wore uniforms by Hugo Boss.”

How to win the war on terror: get the Kurds Vivienne Westwood and Marc Jacobs now! They can have John Galliano and Dior.

And round up the usual suspects…


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Buy Hugo Boss And Ensure Nazis Slaves Did No Die In Vain: German Fashion Label Confesses

THANKS to the Allies, Hugo Boss does nto only make brown shirts. But it was once the Number 1 supplier of uniforms to the German war effort.

Finally, the German fashion label has apologised for backing those dapper Nazis and using slave labour to make its clothes.

Boss wishes to: “express its profound regret to those who suffered harm or hardship at the factory run by Hugo Ferdinand Boss under National Socialist rule.”

Philipp Wolff, senior vice president of communications, explains:

“We don’t want and have never wanted to hide anything, but rather want to bring clarity to the past. It’s our responsibility to the company, our employees, our customers and everyone interested in Hugo Boss and its history.”

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Amir Kahn Grapples With Paulie Malignaggi’s Apple Catchers: Pictures

IN the Hugo Boss tight briefs, Amir Khan. In the massive, oversized apple catchers and headband, Mr Paulie Malignaggi. Anorak once had a friend called Paul whose mum called him Pauli Wallie. Understandably, tensions were running high as Khan and Pauli Wallie weighed in at Essex House, New York, in readiness for the WBA Light-welterweight championship. Amir Khan will be defending his title. Pauli’s best chance of winning is if Kahn gets entangled in his shorts. It can happen…

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