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Gypsies On Benefits And Proud: The Daily Star Flogs Channel 5’s Benefits Street For ‘Sponging’ Foreigners

THE Daily Star once told its readers to vote for the EDL. Todays its anti-foreigner message is cloaked in a front page about gloating, freeloading Romanians:


The Star’s (prop. Richard Desmond)  headline is linked to a Channel 5 (prop. Richard Desmond) documentary. The paper tells us:

TV documentary exposes how gypsies are happy to exploit British benefit system

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How The Tabloid Press Demonises Polish Immigrants

“POLES are dumping kids here,” screams the Star. “Brutal parents flee UK”.

“Hundreds of battered Polish children are being abandoned in Britain by abusive parents.”

Hundreds become “dozens”, as readers read on:

“Polish embassy staff have personally intervened in at least 10 ‘child at risk’ cases this year alone…”

Becomes ten…

Image: Smak is the staple diet of Poles

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