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James Bulger: Jon Venables Cackles And Waits For A Conclusion

MORE news on Jon Venables, one of the James Bulger’s killer, who we learn has gone mad in jail. Well, not raving mad. Venables is mad for Harry Potter.

Jon Venables is, says the Sun, “hooked” on the Satanic, paedo-serving boy wizard.

James Bulger’s murderer, 27, has devoured FOUR of the boy wizard novels since being recalled to jail last month.

And this is bad news:

And it has landed him in trouble – after he was fined by bosses for failing to return the books on time.

James Bulger Case in pictures

Jon Venables reads bestsellers. As ever, when the press labels a killer a monster and evil, is the essentially human things are can be the most unsettling. An adult reading a child’s book could be creepy, were it not for the fact that hundreds of thousands of adults have already done so.

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