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Runbell: The most annoying device for the world’s most annoying people

To accompany the crack of your knees, the thump of your heart and the panting, you joggers can get ringing. Or a-ringin’. Because Runbell is a the pedestrian early-warning system that alerts walkers, dawdlers and people enjoying the peace and quiet of a park or beach to your presence.




How does it work? Well:

Pedestrians commonly complain about being overtaken by faster runners – instead of yelling out “COMING THROUGH!” or surprising them warn them with the pleasant sound of a brass bell.

Why can’t they just carry a brass bell?

Like lepers.


Social lepe coming through

Social lepe coming through


Now they can!

The Runbell ring looks like something a cock might wear because it is something a cock might wear, although not in the sauna.

Runbell adds:

A sleek, stylish wearable bell for runners, solving the problem of how to courteously warn pedestrians on shared pathways

Nothing says courtesy better than ringing a bell at someone minding their own business. It’s the equivalent of honking a horn as you weave in and out of a traffic jam. It is the guaranteed friend maker.

In other exciting product news, Anorak introduces Walking By, a handy knuckle-worn Runbell responder!





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