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John le Carré: the cocaine that gave him a painful erection and pissing on Geoege Bush


JOHN le Carré is profiled in the New York Times. In another life, one of Anorak’s writers used to serve him his dinner at the Bacchus restaurant in London’s Hampstead. He was gracious, generous and affable. What else do we know about him?

He says on fox hunting:

“At least they aren’t hunting that poor goddamn thing with drones.”

On MI5:

“It was like working on a great newspaper. They were really funny people, not institutionalized, not too corporate in their minds and often very bright with curious interests.”

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John Le Carré Defects: The Headline That Came In From The Cold

A FEATURE on thriller writer John le Carré in the Sunday Times:

“JOHN le Carré: I nearly left the West” – how the writer wanted to “defect to the Soviet Union during the Cold War” – Sunday Times headline.

“I had from time to time placed myself intellectually in the shoes of those on one side of the Curtain who took the short walk to the other… Only when traduced by your editors does it acquire such disproportionate and damaging significance” – John le Carré letters to the Sunday Times

How newspapers work…

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