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John Terry: Sun Says QPR’s Anton Ferdinand Wants To Shoot Chelsea Captain John Terry

JOHN Terry Race Row: Anton Ferdinand shoots a gun; Ashley Cole speaks; and Rio Ferdinand tweets against the FA:

The Sun spots Anton Ferdinand, the QPR defender at a paintballing do. Below a photo of the player dressed in a mask and wielding a paintball gun, the Sun declares:

“Ferdinand may have enjoyed taking a few pot-shots a his Rangers mates. But no prizes for guessing who he really wanted in his sights…”

Is it Nelson Mandela? Noel Edmonds? The Queen?

The Sun knows. It can read Ferdinand’s mind. How’s that for talent?  As far as we know, Ferdinand has offered no new evidence on the matter that is being investigated by the police. He says he never heard Terry says the words “f**ing black c***” until he saw the footage on YouTube. Still, if the police can get the Sun’s writers into the interview suite they can read Terry’s mind and find out if he really is innocent, as he claims.

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Posted: 9th, November 2011 | In: Sports | Comment