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James Bulger And Jon Venables: The Killer Worked As A Bouncer

JAMES Bugler and Jon Venables: The Killer is back behind bars. And the killer is closer to being identified. Will a newspaper dare to reveal Jon Venables’s new identity? No. to do so would be illegal. It would also that paper’s rivals to jump in with less fear of being sanctioned.

So here’s the Sun to reveal all.

AN amazing 20,000 Sun readers have signed a petition demanding transparency in the case of Jon Venables.

And thus James Bulger becomes a campaign. Campaigns are what differentiate one paper from another. And the Sun has latched onto James Bulger, just as it did Baby P. Will it stick a balloon on his grave and a new Sun-endorsed headstone?


James Bulger Case in pictures

Still, you want more clues on Jon Venables as was? The Daily Mail leads with one on its front page:


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Posted: 5th, March 2010 | In: Reviews | Comment