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Jon Venables And Child A, The 6-Year-Old Girl Abused By 23 Classmates

JON Venables: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at one of the killer’s of two-year-old James Bulger in the new, featuring Child A,  girl sexually abused for six months by 23 classmates.

The Telegraph brings news of Child A, a girl of six who “suffered months of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of 23 classmates”. Six months, says the story. And, yes, 23 classmates.

Nigel Bunyan has more:

Child A was stripped on a daily basis and routinely assaulted by children of her own age.

But nothing could be done because of “a combination of the children’s young ages and a lack of firm evidence”.

James Bulger Case in pictures

No evidence of a child stripped and sexually abused by 23 other children on a daily basis? Not one shred of evidence? A review of child A’s case has been published and the key finding is that she “undoubtedly” the victim of sexual abuse.

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