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Jude Law Crafts His Looks For Rachel Stevens’ Wedding

7705545THIS week in OK! – Rachel Stevens learns to walk the aisle, Suzi Walker WAGs and Jude Law on Jude Law…

RACHEL Stevens, formerly of S Club 7, is marrying Alex Bourne, a man she got off when she was 13 and ended up with… forever.

There’s a traditional “hora” dance, which turns out not to be the last words heard before an Irish shotgun wedding but a Jewish folk trot. Russell, Rachel’s stepfather, then calls her a “princess”.

But if that’s not warning enough for what’s to come. We bring you this vignette from the pre-do interview:

OK!: “Have you been on a pre-wedding diet?”
RACHEL: “I have followed a juice detox diet called the Nosh Diet. It’s really healthy and I like the concept of it. .. I’m going to take it up again after the honeymoon. I’ve been walking a lot with Joanna Hall, using her special walking technique…”

The technique is not shared with us, it being an esoteric thing that only the few are privy to.

VIP clubs and bars are full of celebrities walking in their special way. Ever wonder why you are held back at the read rope? It’s the walk. They can see you coming.

SUZI Walker was a Wag when it meant a happy dog.

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