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Katia Ivanova And Lady Sov Go Lapdancing: Pictures

IT did not take too long for the Star to give up trying to sell orgy makeweight and rolling Stone gnome polisher Katia Ivanova as a stunna with a heart of gold. Heidi Fleiss, who was first out of the Celebrity Big Brother house, sums up Katia thus:


But Katia Ivanova is still filling in holes in the news agenda. The Sun’s Phil Space writes:

BISEXUAL Lady Sov shared an affectionate clinch with Celeb BB pal Katia Ivanova on another wild night out. The pair went to a lap dancing club in London. Sov slipped notes in the dancer’s undies – then gave new pal Kat a goodbye kiss.

Says Fleiss of Lady Sov:

“Unbearable person. Wore too much purple. .. I can’t even look at the vampire fucking teeth… You can have that shit removed.”

Over to you, Ronnie…


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Ekaterina Ivanova and Lady Sovereign leaving Punk in Soho, London.

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