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Katie Price Used ‘Fake Tan’ On Princess And ‘Dyed’ Her Hair

clownMORE news on Princess TianaLadyMeeee, Katie Price’s two-year-old, as Closer magazine’s source tells readers that mum “tried dying Princess’s hair blonde as she thought it was too ginger”.

Can you be too ginger? You are either ginger or you are not ginger. The ginger community is unequivocal on such matters. The source goes on to claim that Katie Price plucks Princess’s eyebrows – yep, she does NOT have her own depilatologist – and “used Johnson’s Holiday Skin, a gradual tan moisturiser” on Princess. Closer says this is a “fake tan“.

* JOHNSON’S® HOLIDAY SKIN® Light Glow’s fantastic fragrance leaves no tell-tale after smell…so no one will know where you got that glow.

Hair too ginger. Skin not gingery enough. It’s a topsy-turvy world, kids.

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Posted: 16th, February 2010 | In: Celebrities | Comment (1)