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Texas Finds Way To Keep Incandescent Bulbs

IN the EU – and that means you in the UK – those bright light bulbs you grew up with are being replaced by low-glowing, expensive greener ones. But in Texas, a loophole has been found:

State lawmakers have passed a bill that allows Texans to skirt federal efforts to promote more efficient light bulbs, which ultimately pushes the swirled, compact fluorescent bulbs over the 100-watt incandescent bulbs many grew up with.

The measure, sent to Gov. Rick Perry for consideration, lets any incandescent light bulb manufactured in Texas – and sold in that state – avoid the authority of the federal government or the repeal of the 2007 energy independence act that starts phasing out some incandescent light bulbs next year.

“Let there be light,” state Rep. George Lavender, R-Texarkana, wrote on Facebook after the bill passed.

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South Carolina Starts Making Its Own Incandescent Light Bulbs

MADE In South Carolina becomes a sign of bright light and a warming glow:

Fed up with the federal government’s ban of the traditional incandescent light bulb, state representatives in South Carolina are pushing for the state to produce and use incandescents solely for its state.

The Incandescent Light Bulb Freedom Act, which unanimously passed South Carolina’s Senate panel, would allow South Carolina manufacturers to continue to sell incandescent bulbs so long as they have “Made in South Carolina” on them and are sold only within the state.

Someone tell Siegfried Rotthaeuser

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Heatballs Are The New Light Bulbs: Siegfried Rotthaeuse Cooks EU In Balmy Green Heat

THAT is not  a banned light bulb. That is a heatball, the work of German entrepreneur Siegfried Rotthaeuser and his brother-in-law.

Siegried is importing “small heating devices” from China. Heatballs come in two dimensions: 75 or 100 Watts.

Heatballs not only heat but provide light, too. and you do not need to buy any device to make them work – just slip a HEATBALL into your lamps – the ones banned by by EU law and you are good to go.

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