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‘Going to Santorini’: Carine Patry Hoskins and David Sherborne in Leveson earn ‘n’ tell


CARINE Patry Hoskins earned £218,606 for her work on the Leveson Inquiry into media standards. He worked on the Inquiry between July 2011 and November 2012.

Hoskins, a married mother of two interviewed witnesses. She reviewed their statements and conducted legal research. She was fact checking.

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Posted: 15th, June 2013 | In: Reviews | Comment

The Leveson police are coming to silence their critics

BE afraid. The desperate-to-be-liked police are coming after your freedoms. Scotland Yard wants powers to search newsrooms. This will prove to everyone how much better the police is than what went before. No collusion with phone hacking, see. No need to hack things and get media to do your dirty work when you can just seize everything legally.

They told Leveson that police should have been free to search the News of the World offices during the 2006 phone-hacking inquiry. The Times says “Senior Metropolitan Police officers are known to have been furious that their efforts to seize material from The Guardian, relating to leaks from the current hacking investigation, were thwarted in 2011.”

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