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Arsenal Balls: Lukas Podolski Instigates A New Kind Of Handshake

ARSENAL’S Lukas Podolski yesterday enacted one of the best pre-game handshakes of the season, greeting referee Jonathan Moss with rare affection.

The pre-match handshake has been mired on controversy. We’ve wondered whether or not Anton Ferdinand would shake John Terry’s hand before or after wiping his nose on his own palm? Would Rio Ferdinand shake Ashley Cole’s hand, or simply hand him a choc-ice? Would Luis Suarez eat the hand of Patrice Evra; would Evra, wise to the possibility of cannibalism, coat it in hot mustard or black boot polish? Would Wayne Bridge be invited to sniff a smirking John Terry’s fingers?

The handshake had become so complex, so political, that we had led calls for the pre-game handshake to go.

But then along comes Poldi to remind us that more handshakes are what are required.


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Posted: 21st, April 2014 | In: Arsenal, Sports | Comment