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Madeleine McCann Is Not An App

KENT News manages to weave Madeleine McCann into a story on a Channel 4 show in which Stephen Fry counted down the greatest gadgets of all time. It’s the usual mindless filler in which Fry’s advertorial is punctuated by nodding heads arriving on screen to get nostalgic about a device they appear to have only just learnt about.

The paper’s Chris Britcher opines:

After all, rather than Mr Fry plumping for the somewhat predictable Holy (Apple) Trinity of iPod, iPhone and iPad in the top three positions, the humble lighter emerged on top of the list followed by the wrist watch. And when you think about it, very sensible choices they are too.

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Posted: 2nd, September 2011 | In: Madeleine McCann | Comments (3)