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Madeleine McCann Is Not Missing Suzanne Pilley

SUZANNE Pilley is not Madeleine McCann. But she is missing.

Suzanne Pilley was just yards from her work in a city centre street in broad daylight, when she simply vanished. Richard Bath investigates the case of the woman who went missing 12 days ago.

She is 38. She was on her way to work in Edinburgh. And she disappeared. What of her?

No drugs, no alcohol, no stress, no mental health issues, no debt, no violence, no job loss.

Sylvia Pilley says her daughter’s vanishing “has just been like our worst nightmare – we almost cannot believe it is actually happening.

Every morning you wake up and wonder, is this really happening? You never think it’ll happen to you. You see it on the television with other people, and you feel sorry for them, but you don’t really understand the grief. We just don’t know what’s happened. We just want to find out, get to the bottom of things and put our minds at rest.”

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Posted: 16th, May 2010 | In: Reviews | Comment