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Jared Loughner And Major Nidal Hasan Expose Media Prejudice: Michael Tomasky Explains

JARED Lee Loughner and Major Nidal Hasan. How does the media remain consistent when reporting on the white nutter who murdered six and shot 14 in Arizona more and the Muslism nutter who murdered 13 people at Fort Hood?

Before he committed mass murder, Major Nidal Malik Hasan yelledAllah Wakbar!” – God is great!” Before he committed mass murder. Jared Loughner asked Giffords: ““What is government if words have no meaning?”

Let’s see, with Guardian writer Michael Tomasky.

On Jared Loughner:

… You don’t have to believe that alleged shooter, Jared Loughner, is a card-carrying Tea Party member (he evidently is not) to see some kind of connection between that violent rhetoric and what happened in Arizona on Saturday.

… So what particular type of nut is Loughner? We don’t have a full picture yet. But we have enough of one. His coherent ravings included the conviction that the constitution assured him that “you don’t have to accept the federalist laws”. He called a female classmate who had an abortion a “terrorist”.

In sum, he had political ideas, which not everyone does. Many of them (not all, but most) were right wing. He went to considerable expense and trouble to shoot a high-profile Democrat, at point-blank range right through the brain. What else does one need to know? For anyone to attempt to insist that the violent rhetoric so regularly heard in this country had no likely effect on this young man is to enshroud oneself in dishonesty and denial.

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