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Escaped gibbon attacks boy at Malacca Zoo (Video)

WAS it a good idea house a gibbon on a island at Kuala Lumpur’s Malacca Zoo? No. The gibbon, named Siamang, escaped his island and roamed the zoo. He grabbed hold of a three-year-old Muhammad Afiq Haziq, bit into his thigh and scratched his face and body. Earlier, the gibbon had bitten five-year-old Zukrina Abdul Hadi on the ankle. The fear  is that Muhammad Afiq’s leg might need to be amputated.
Says Muhammad Afiq Haziq’s mother Anita Sulaiman

“I fear my son will be scarred and traumatised for life. He has lost a lot of blood. My husband carried Muhammad Afiq and ran two kilometres to get medication, while I followed with the bits of his thigh in a plastic bag.”

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Posted: 16th, December 2011 | In: Reviews | Comment