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Arsenal: Mark Lawrenson looks in the Mirror for the fools who said Manchester United were going great and the Gunners were doomed

Mark Lawrenson, television pundit.HOW hard is it to be BBC football pundit who shares his bon mots with the Daily Mirror? Let’s look at Mark Lawrenson:

While Arsenal go backwards, the big clubs have started the new season as they mean to go on…I have no idea what Arsenal are doing…it is all just a mess at the Emirates…just shows you how far Arsenal have fallen behind.”

“I have no idea what Arsenal are doing.”

And those are the truest words he has ever said.

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Luton Town v Millwall: Pleat’s confused predictions and the fixture’s history

MARK Lawrenson, miserabilist BBC football pundit, is sharing his predictions for the weekend with David Pleat, the former Luton Town and Spurs manager (cue that song):

“Luton have beaten Wolves and Norwich fairly and squarely with a lot of determined effort and I think playing Millwall at home is a great chance for them to get into the sixth round.”

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BBC predicts Chelsea to beat Wigan 40-1

BBC Sport “football expert” Mark Lawrenson uses his expertise to forecast the weekend’s Premier League results. The more serious you take this guessology, the better. But then along comes Hulk Hogan to tell us that Stoke will beat Reading “because they are at home and their girlfriends will be watching” and Chelsea will beat Wigan 40-1.

Bang on, we reckon.

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Mark Lawrenson Predicts Robbie Keane To Win Golden Boot

“LAWR-DOH,” screams the Sun’s back page as Mark Lawrenson has been “left red faced by a hugely embarrassing on-air gaffe that has enraged Liverpool fans”.

What’s he done to upset the famously stoic Liverpudlians?

Nodding his head on Today FM, Lawrenson reveals:

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Nicolas Anelka Is A Walking Argument

THERE’S no  argument, he’s [Nicolas Anelka] arguably in the form of his lifeMark Lawrenson, BBC

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