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Newcastle United’s Massaido Haidara’s leg is matter of national pride

8564708205_8fbe228daf_oTHE FOOTBALL Association will not punish Wigan Athletic’s Callum McManaman (English) for his dreadful tackle on Newcastle United’s Massaido Haidara (French). The FA are spineless. A footballer’s career is a short one. Any severe injury can end it and make playing painful. Haidara is a young man, and we all hope what damage has been caused to his leg is not serious.

It’s a pity that the linesman, Matthew Wilkes, never saw the incident at the time. The FA says that because he didn’t see the obvious foul, it cannot be revisited.

Over in the Daily Telegraph the foul has become a matter of national pride. Henry Winter writes:

“Note to the Football Association: lying in a hospital bed is a young French lad, who came to this country because he lives for football, because he heard England was the land of opportunity and fair play.”

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Posted: 20th, March 2013 | In: Sports | Comment