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Non-Racists In Hysterics Over Daralston’s Blacked Out Muslim Swimming Pool?

AT the Darlaston Leisure Centre, in the Black Country, Walsall Council has, at the request of some people who are Muslim, placed a  dark film over the big glass windows. Before the letter in the Mail –  penned by Mel Gibson under a nom-de-plume? – a selection of news:

The Mail yells: “Swimmers plunged into dark after council covers swimming pool windows ‘to protect Muslim women’s modesty.”

And only Muslim women’s modesty. The rest of you will be perved at, especially you Buddists.

The Sun screams: “Pool blacked out for Muslim swim.”

…the local council has covered all 250 windows at the centre in Darlaston…the move has plunged the pool into permanent darkness

It’s so dark it’s like wearing a wet burka.

Or as Walsall Council says, without the pun:

The council has come under fire for applying a translucent film to 58 window panels... Anyone who will now use the pool will see that it’s not in darkness at all. It’s like cling film, which allows in natural light; so this suggestion that its windows are blacked out are misleading and inaccurate.

The council adds:

“Not everyone is confident in their Speedos.”

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