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Melanie McDonagh’s Jan Moir Moment For David Blunkett

FOR those of you who missed it, here’s Melanie McDonagh’s Jan Moir moment in the Telegraph. No Twitter protest. Well, David Blunkett isn’t Stephen Gately:

Benedict Brogan’s admirable article in this paper last week describing mass immigration as Labour’s real legacy came to mind. He observed, correctly, that one reason Gordon Brown lost it on immigration was that, with his ethnically homogenous Scottish constituency and rarefied London social circles, he never really encountered its effects.

Mr Brogan was too kind to say, so let me do it, that one reason why much of the influx took place when David Blunkett was home secretary is that he was blind; he couldn’t actually see what was happening.

Shhh! Olga. And if you must make a sound, try to sound like you’re enjoying it…

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