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Emmelyn Roettger needs a poo

EMMELYN Roettger is a Mensa star. Mum and dad gave her a test to sit and little three-year-old Emmelyn did really well. So well, in face, that the Washington DC native made it all the way to the telly, appearing on the Today show. And once there she performed what experts say was a “post-modern drama of her thought processes”.  In short, Emmelyn needs to poo. And as soon as she asks to go to the toilet in Medieval Dutch, she can go:

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How to get your four-year-old into Mensa

HEIDI Hankins from Winchester, Hampshire, has an IQ of 159. She is a member of Mensa and thus on a par with grown ups who like to showcase their IQs in “a society for bright people”.

Hankins is not Mensa’s youngest member. In 2009, Elise Tan Roberts, from Edmonton, north London, who at two years and four months old scored an IQ of 156, could recite the English alphabet, count to 10 in Spanish and name types of triangle. All vital tools in her bank of knowledge. It is not known if she could name all of the Secret 7, remember all the Moshi Monster characters by name and cuteness rating or play the recorder tunefully. You pick you measure of intelligence and wait for Junior to impress the adults.

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