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Sports Direct: human rights and Mike Ashley’s legal redress

Former BBC staffer Paul Mason is making some sort of point about Sports Direct and Newcastle United FC tycoon Mike Ashley and his underlings:

What is striking, when you consider the modern reality of precarious work and coercive management, is how the concept of human rights stops at the factory gate.

Human rights?


Paul Mason sports direct


The workers of Georgian England had no democratic rights or access to law. But the 21st century is supposed to be an age of universal rights. Every one of the practices described at Sports Direct appears to not just have broken employment law, but also violated the human right of the citizen not to be bullied, shamed, endangered or sexually harassed.

So things are better now because there are laws and human rights. Sports Direct’s working practises can be tested in a court of law. The workers have redress. Things are much improved. So what exactly is Mason’s point?

Spotter: Guardian

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Cockney Mafia steal Newcastle United’s lemon sole

Newcastle United fan's hold a banner up during the English Premier League soccer match between Newcastle United and Hull City at St James' Park, Newcastle, England.Saturday Sept 13, 2008. Disgruntled Newcastle fans were protesting against club owner Mike Ashley and director of football Dennis Wise. Supporters are angry over an alleged undermining of manager Kevin Keegan, which led to his recent resignation. (AP Photo/Scott Heppell) ** NO INTERNET/MOBILE USAGE WITHOUT FAPL LICENCE - SEE IPTC SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FIELD FOR DETAILS **

FAMOUS meals time now, readers.

On Tuesday May 31 1994, Tony Blair invited Gordon Brown to meet for ‘dinner’ the Granita restaurant in London. It was there that the dour Scotsman agreed to step aside in the 1994 leadership contest in favour of the trendy urbanite. Brown never stood a chance. Faced with bowls of fennel-seed bread and mussels in lemon grass and coconut-milk liquor, and surrounded by knit-yer-own millionaire new Labour sat in a brick and blonde wood yurt, Blairs was in his element.

The other great dinner meeting was between Newcastle United FC’s owner Mike Ashley and Joe Kinnear, the club’s former manager now given a job in charge of all football matters. The issue of how they came to their agreement occupies minds at the Daily Mail.

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Gallowgate Humour: Newcastle Fans Attack Mike Ashley

AH, the Geordie fans of Newcastle United, a breed apart, a nation apart, a place where delusions are encouraged and the car-Toon army actually believe that their stadium is the best, their fans the most loyal and their club “massive”.

The one thing you won’t see at Newcastle is smiling, worldly-wise fans lampooning their own team’s failings and ole-ing when a single pass goes to a teammate.

Newcastle United’s fans are devoid of humour, even gallows humour in the Gallowgate.

And here’s Alan McKenna, who looks like Newcastle chairman Mickey Ashley, walking into a bar in Chester-le-Street, County Durham, and being asked by Newcastle fans if he is the real thing.

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