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Biased BBC takes The Israel Test: Mishal Husain wonders if attempted murder is any crime at all?

GIL Hoffman, Chief Political Correspondent and Analyst with the Jerusalem Post, has been on the BBC talking with Mishal Husain about the latest fighting in Gaza. As ever, these wars of self-defence and self-assertion ride high on the news cycle. The West sees itself in the conflict.

Brendan O’Neill paraphrases George Gilder in The Israel Test:

Western thinkers, politicians and activists define themselves through their attitude towards Israel. They project on to Israel either their desperate desire to save Western Enlightenment values from being trashed (with some seeing Israel as the No.1 defender of those values), or their aching guilt over the values of Western colonialism (with others seeing Israel as the No.1 embodiment of those archaic values), and then cheer or denounce Israel and its local wars accordingly.

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Posted: 22nd, November 2012 | In: Reviews | Comments (14)