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Mr Moose goes mad in Vermont (video)

MR MOOSE goes to a music festival, sticks flowers in his hair and dances on a car. Then the Game Warden comes – aka The Man – and shoots Mr Moose dead. There is talk of brain worms but it’s like the 1970s never went away. Attica! Attica!

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Drunk Moose Tries To Climb Tree: Photos

IN Gothenburg, Sweden, a moose has tried to climb a a tree…and failed.

The official version of events is that the moose got drunk on rotten apples and thought it would be a laugh to climb a tree.

When freed, the moose ran off into the woods.

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Moose-Faced Woman Hits Moose In Vancouver

IN Vancouver, Canada, two sisters have both hit a moose. Yvonne Studley was in Vancouver General Hospital having hit a moose in her car and been injured. Yvonne’s sister Connie Everitt was on her way to visit her wahn she too hit a moose and ended up in hospital.

Says Everitt:

“The coincidence of hitting a moose just like her sister ‘really threw me for a loop’.”

Nice to see the sisters back on form and engaging in some ribbing, but it might be best to wait until Yvonne’s fully better before taking the piss out of her looks…

Spotter: Anorakaren; observations by Yamspter

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