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Nazi Cows Being Bred In Britain

nazi-cowBEWARE of the cows. Beware of the Nazi cows. Roaring cows are not only attacking Britons, and poisoning our Great British air over our Great British countryside, but now they have a political affiliation. Hail the “Nazi cows”!

Says the BBC:

The Heck calf was born at a farm in Lifton which imported more than a dozen of the animals from Amsterdam as part of a conservation project. The herd is descended from cattle specifically bred by Nazi scientists between the world wars to be used as a symbol of ambitions to rule the world.

The cows. Always the cows. Hail the 1000 year ranch!

Farmer and conservationist Derek Gow has the cattle as part of a wildlife photography business.

Hail the model cow!

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Posted: 25th, June 2009 | In: Strange But True | Comments (3)