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UK Government Moves To Tax Internet Use

taxfree_internetTHE Internet is fantastic. You’re looking at it. The Government wants to control it. To own it. Now see if you can link these two stories.

Villagers in rural Lancashire have become so sick of their poor internet connection they have decided to wire up their own homes. Armed with a fibre cable, a digger and a technician, the residents of Wray village and Wennington have managed to connect a farmhouse to broadband.

Now see if you can make the link between that and this:

Every Briton with a fixed-line phone will pay a “small levy” of 50p per month to pay for faster net access.

The national fund created by the levy will be used to ensure most Britons get access to future net technologies.

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Posted: 17th, June 2009 | In: Technology | Comment (1)