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The Election In Pictures: Crusaders, Nick Griffin And Boris Johnson’s Laugh In

THE Election in Pictures: the leaders and their minions went for the patriotic vote on St George’s Day. Nick Griffin arrives at the Civic Centre in Stoke as the British National Party (BNP) launch their 2010 General Election manifesto in the company of man in fancy dress, a crusader. Is militant Christianity the indigenous belief of the land? Discuss.

The Conservatives went for deliberate laughs with David Cameron standing by Boris Johnson and Ken Clarke sharing a gag with veteran Welsh comedian and entertainer Stan Stennett on a street in Whitchurch, Cardiff. Laughs. How we need them. Gordon Brown, a man with an anvil touch to comedy, was given a mask and a small child. It might just work. And Nick Clegg patted the RAF logo. Meaningfully…


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Leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron (centre) with Mayor of London Boris Johnson (left) as they celebrate St George's day in Leadenhall Market in the City of London.

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