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North Dakota introduces red-light windows for male prostitues

NORTH Dakota is in the news thanks to a tourism poster pulled for being sexist. The North Dakota tourism board went with the theme of the place being the Amsterdam of the USA, albeit with the twist of window babes replaced by whoring window dudes.

In North Dakota, the men where the men wear the kink – leather boots; double collars; chin-strap beards – and the women cruise the windows and take a pick.

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Posted: 15th, January 2012 | In: The Consumer | Comment

Burglar Leaves Victim Thank You Note

burglar-noteA BURGLAR at Matt Neary home in Fargo, North Dakota, left behind a note:

It reads:

“You have amazing taste in music. Don’t worry about your credit cards and driver’s licence – I know I can’t use them … after tonight, at least.”

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Posted: 20th, July 2009 | In: Strange But True | Comment