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Nottingham Trent University intruder was stuck upside-down in window for five hours

“I was unsure where the noise was coming from but when I looked up and found him screaming and crying.” So says Dan De-Niet, 20, who were passing  the Arkwright building on Nottingham Trent University at 2:30am. 
He and his friend Tom Burdett, 19, saw this:
window man 2
The man told the students that he had been stuck in a handstand position half in, half out of the building for five hours.
Dan dialled 999:
“The police arrived and started pissing themselves laughing and taking  elfieswith him before they did anything.”
Thoughtfully, Dan took a video:
 Nottinghamshire Police spokeswoman later said that Carl Attar, 27, had been charged with burglary in a building other than a dwelling.

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Posing For A Photo That’s Really A Video Is Awkward (A Nottingham Trent University Study)

NOTTINGHAM Trent Students Union has produced this “super awkward montage” of lots of students posing for a photo that’s really a video. You pout. Your pose. You show your best side. You tense. But the camera never clicks. You wobble. You relax:

Spotter: David Pescovitz

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