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It’s Andy being a Royal

by | 22nd, July 2002

‘WE mock Michael Caine’s class paranoia, but then something happens that makes you wonder if there isn’t something in it.

Andy on the trail of another birdie

The Sun recounts how a ‘shocked motorist’ saw Prince Andrew brush off a police officer who had the temerity to stop the Royal heartthrob as he gadded about in his Land Rover.

The hapless officer’s impertinence got short shrift by the man formerly known as Randy Andy.

‘I’m in a hurry,’ he barked. ‘It was only 50,’ he added – referring, presumably, to his speed, and not his David Boon-like intake of tinned beers.

So while other drivers were booked, the Prince drove off in the direction of Heathrow, where he caught a flight to watch the Open golf tournament.

Scotland Yard confirmed that no action will be taken against Andrew. ‘Not everyone stopped for speeding is prosecuted,’ said a spokesman.

Meanwhile Michael Caine lies rotting in a cell, while police complete the paperwork on his damaged windscreen-wiper.

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