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Suited And Booted (Out)

by | 22nd, July 2002

‘MORE evidence of class bias from the Express. This time, the victims were entirely innocent, as the opening sentence immediately indicates, concerning as it does, ‘three middle-aged consultants and two executives’.

He’s got trouble written all over him

Not only that, but these pillars of society were ‘sharing a drink with a council’s chief executive and a firm’s managing director’.

Pretty impressive, you will agree, but it doesn’t stop there. ‘They arrived at the Curlew pub in West Purley, Dorset, in a Porsche and a Jaguar,’ the paper drools.

This was all too much for the surly landlord, green with jealousy, who promptly barred them under the flimsy pretext that the pub refuses to serve ‘groups of lads’.

Mike Turvey (chief executive of Christchurch Council in Dorset) professed himself ‘absolutely gobsmacked’ by the treatment.

‘I explained to the barman who we were but he said he’d thrown executives out before.’

And he’ll throw them out again if they turn up in the nude. No exceptions – rules is rules.

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