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Dizzy Blonde

by | 25th, July 2002

‘THERE will be no wedding bells for Britney Spears just yet, but the sound of ambulance sirens could soon be ringing in her ears.

Britney regretted having that last piece of lemon meringue pie

The pop star’s split with boyfriend Justin Timberlake ‘has led to serious health problems that caused her to collapse after a recent concert!’

It was a case of who ate all the lemon meringue pies as ‘heartbroken Britney turned to food for comfort and wound up more depressed than ever when she packed a whopping 16 pounds’ on.

A source informs the Enquirer that, when she was dumped by her boyband beau, ‘Britney flew back to her family home in Louisiana and stuffed her face with fried chicken and Cajun rice, and to top if off she ate several slices of her favourite lemon meringue pie.

‘After a few months of gorging herself with food to ease the pain of heartbreak she put on 16 pounds.’

The swollen starlet then swung to the other extreme, embarking on a diet of raw vegetables to shed her newly acquired flab.

Inevitably, the ‘disastrous health regimen finally caught up with her’ and after one East Coast gig she ‘blacked out, slumped over in her seat motionless, looking like a rag doll’.

‘Britney’s concerts usually last two hours and she dances and prances around onstage most of the time,’ says the source.

But after the gig in question, Britney ‘complained of being dizzy and feeling light-headed’ before she passed out.

Diet aside, it’s no surprise – two hours of lip-synching can do that to a girl.

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