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Jailhouse Rocked

by | 31st, July 2002

‘SUN readers will be relieved that Jade missed the strippers’ wild party – as PJ will no doubt agree, she has molested enough helpless males already.

Punters reported seeing a whale in the Cam

But unfortunately, they cannot escape the porcine one altogether. ”Jade Goody was given a geography lesson yesterday when the Sun took her on a guided tour of the place she called ‘East Angular’,” writes the paper.

”Locals in Cambridge – which she had reckoned was in London – clapped and cheered as she climbed aboard a punt for a tour of the city’s scenic waterway.”

The girl evidently has an unorthodox punting technique, claiming ”it was really scary and I was worried I might get stuck up the pole”.

”I really enjoyed going ponting – I mean, punting,” she says, posing for the first and last time in her life in a gown and mortarboard.

There was also plenty of clapping and cheering for Jade in Bedford jail, where her father Andrew Goody is serving four years for robbery and theft.

He tells the Star of his heartbreak at ”the cruel jibes and abuse” he suffered when the other inmates were glued to Jade’s antics.

”When she was with PJ, every cell door in the jail was banging in time and I wanted to hide and lash out,” he recalls with a shudder. ”It was twice the noise they made when England scored in the World Cup.”

But of course – it’s so much easier for an England footballer to score than it is for a girl like Jade.

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