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Spending A Penny

by | 6th, August 2002

‘THE show may be finished, but the tills are just starting to ring for the Big Brother housemates. This week’s OK! cover star is moaning model Alex Sibley.

They thought the shower was bad – the bath was even worse

”Though he lost to Jonny and Kate, no one can call Alex a loser,” writes OK! Would a loser ever appear in a magazine like this?

Alex’s ”world exclusive” interview is accompanied by ”amazing pictures”, in which readers can discern a hip pocket bulging with what we assume is an enormous wad of cash.

Inside, Alex embarks on a detailed discussion about urination, a topic we very much doubt has been previously canvassed by OK! He says he tried in vain to encourage his fellow housemates to aim for the bowl when visiting the toilet.

”The fellas were peeing on the seat and, four days later, Alison came out disgusted – there was urine all over the seat. No one had listened to me!” But worse was to come.

”Then they came up with peeing in the shower,” he recalls with a shudder. ”People were saying: ‘Why bother going to the toilet first when you can just pee in the shower?”’

But as it turns out, Alex was friends with one of the worst offenders in this particular area. ”Kate was shown footage of Sandy doing a very long pee into the kitchen bin – she and Sophie unknowingly cleaned it out. Did you know that?” OK! asks. Alex confirms that he has been shown the incident.

”He peed in the bin on the morning of his escape,” he says. And it’s lucky for Sandy that he got out of there when he did – who knows what Alex would have done to him if he discovered such a disgusting act of unhygienic treachery?

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