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Young Man

by | 14th, August 2002

‘WILL Young may be big, but he’ll never be as big as Elvis – not unless he has McDonald’s set up a restaurant in his living room. But still, the Pop Idol is discovering that there are some drawbacks to being rich and famous.

”Pop fans soon forget you,” warns Sonia

The Star writes that Will ”is the latest to complain that success has ruined his sex life”. ”The posh lad with the big smile insists he can’t find Mr Right after winning the ITV1 show,” says a sympathetic Star.

”His admission that he was gay failed to dent his popularity and he’s on the way to becoming a millionaire. But despite the attraction of his sizeable wad, Will – who scored hits with Evergreen and Light My Fire – can’t even find anyone to stoke his embers.”

So if there are any blokes out there with red-hot pokers and a bit of free time on their hands, Will is waiting for your call. ‘

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