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Kat Creamed

by | 14th, August 2002

‘DOCTOR Truman must be suffering from severe sleep deprivation caused by Zoe’s disappearance as next week he sleeps with her mother, Kat, ”by mistake”. Regular viewers will of course recall that Anthony had a relationship with Kat some months earlier (it qualifies as a relationship in Kat’s book as she actually knew his name) before switching his attentions to her daughter.

It’s unlikely that the ”mistake” excuse will wash with either Kat or Zoe. For a start, the pair look nothing like each other. In fact Kat looks like she’s eaten Zoe and is storing her remains down the back of leopard skin mini skirt. But Zoe is still missing and there’s a rumour that she won’t be coming back, so maybe Kat really has disposed of her daughter to get her claws back into the not-so-good doctor.

There’s another shock in store for the Truman family, when Paul discovers that Patrick isn’t his father after all, it’s another, entirely different racially stereotyped West Indian bloke called Milton. Milton and his daughter Rebecca came to The Square for Anthony’s wedding, and it wasn’t long before Paul put the move on the lovely Rebecca.

Worried that a Brookside incest storyline was developing, producers did the right thing and had Milton tell Paul the truth. Paul was obviously devastated. Not because he’s losing Patrick as a father but because he had to turn down a definite romp.

And speaking of sure things, Janine has finally ventured out of the house. Well, anything was preferable to being in a locked room with her brother, Ricky Butcher. Ricky has come back to help Janine with her social problems, which is the biggest case of the blind leading the blind I think I’ve ever heard.

Ricky got the wrong end of the stick (hard to believe isn’t it?) and thought that it was Billy who’d introduced Janine to cocaine abuse and prostitution. He vowed to ”sort him” (squash him to death between his man breasts probably), and somehow Janine managed to find the strength to leave the house to warn Billy.

And like all physical and mental health problems in Walford, her agoraphobia cleared up within the space of two episodes. Lourdes has nothing on the healing powers of Albert Square. ‘

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