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Named And Shamed

by | 14th, August 2002

‘IN another hymn to blondeness, OK! also interviews Kerry Katona this week. It wasn’t so long ago that Kerry was telling the magazine’s readers all about the heartbreak she suffered when a lapdancer told the tabloids about her stag-night fling with Bryan Westlife, aka Mr Kerry Katona. But the pair have obviously kissed and made up, as Kerry is now expecting their second child.

Where little Corby was created

”Is it true both babies were conceived in the same hotel?” asks OK!. ”Yes, both times it’s been at the Conrad International London, in Chelsea,” grins Kerry. Will Kerry and Bryan do a Posh and Becks and name their child after the place of conception – Conrad if it’s a boy, and Chelsea if it’s a girl?

They may be pretty awful names, but they’re nothing compared with the monikers Geri Halliwell had as a youngster. As OK! notes, the artist formerly known as Ginger turned 30 last week, ”yet she’s already packed enough into her life to satisfy a 70 year old”. Not wanting to think about how Geri might satisfy a 70-year-old, we move on to read that ”most people’s reaction to Geri turning 30” – apart from supreme indifference, of course – ”will be one of suspicion”.

”The singer’s age has long been a topic of debate, earning her the nickname Old Spice,” OK! writes. But members of her own family had much worse nicknames for her than that. Poor Geri was ”branded Caquitas (little poo) and La enana (dwarf) as a child by her Spanish aunts”.

But now that Geri is all grown up, we’re pleased to report that the adjective ”little” no longer applies.

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