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Pretty Nasty Woman

by | 14th, August 2002

‘IF Julia Roberts had such warm feelings for her new husband’s ex-wife as Britney has for Jenna, Danny Moder would probably think he was the luckiest man on earth. But, as the Enquirer reveals, the Pretty Woman is still doing her best to hurt poor Vera, judging that stealing her husband and marrying him in a very public ceremony didn’t quite plunge the knife in deep enough.

”Watch out, honey. Your husband’s next”

”Julia Roberts has been caught in a bizarre wedding lie,” says the Enquirer. She ”fibbed with a completely straight face” and told reporters she and Danny would spend their honeymoon in London, Paris and Greece, when the truth is that they never left the States. The newlyweds were too busy to have a proper honeymoon; Julia had press junkets to attend for her latest film, while cameraman Danny had to shoot a new Burger King commercial.

But ”sources say Julia’s lie was meant to make Danny’s ex-wife Vera jealous!” ”Julia completely made up all the stories about going to Europe with Danny on their honeymoon,” reveals a ”Moder family insider”. ”Julia knew Vera would be watching, that she wouldn’t want to miss all the coverage. So Julia wanted to make her envious by telling the world about all the wonderful places they went together. Julia wanted to make her and Danny’s life seem as blissful as possible – as the ultimate revenge against Vera for dragging out the divorce proceedings with Danny.”

But Vera need not have been jealous. Paris is full of French people, Greece is swarming with inebriated British teenagers and, as for London, who’d be mad enough to want to go there in the summer?

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