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by | 19th, August 2002

‘THE STAR runs a piece on page 3 entitled ”Driven wild by pure lust”. It tells how an ”ex-lover” of murder suspect Maxine Carr was shocked when she started ”flashing her boobs in pubs to show off a bumblebee tattoo on her left breast”.

The pictures were enough to make Bob blush

Shocking, you’ll agree, and not the sort of thing you’d wish to see in a family newspaper like the Star.

The Star, don’t forget, is ”the paper that supports our builders” and it knows that the lads on the sites are easily shocked. Indeed, the shocked ex-lover in question is himself a scaffolder, as the paper is careful to mention.

And he helpfully wears an ENGLAND leisure shirt so we are in no doubt that he is a normal, red-blooded man.

But if he turns to the story on page 10 (”Cracking night out”) he’ll see a colour picture of two arses, belonging to friends of Big Brother winner Kate. The girls obligingly pulled their skirts up for photographers in ”London’s trendy Emporium club”.

”GIVE US A THONG: Kate’s mates show they’ve got plenty of cheek” reads the chucklesome caption. Shocking, innit?

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