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Summer Loving

by | 20th, August 2002

‘FACED with the option of Janie or Little Mo, most men would choose option C and begin to see Pauline in a new light. But Billy Mitchell is not most men, and to prove it he first gave Janine a peck on the cheek and then took Little Mo out for a walk.

The stroll around the manor took in the allotment, where Pauline and Mark were boring the weeds out of the ground, and then to the Square, where the twosome sat down to talk.

We don’t know what was said, but we, like Janine, did see Billy take Mo’s hand in his. Janine blushed. Was she falling for the weasely little so and so?

But this is the summer, and so love is the order of the day, and not one lost on Lisa, who began her vigil for the return of Phil. But Phil was late back form his hols. And when he did arrive, he ignored Lisa, going instead to look for Sam, who’d not retuned from her cancer appointment.

The same rule that allowed Little Mo to come out of prison on her own, now allowed Sam to go to the oncologist with no means of support. When someone is in need, the East End folk like to leave them to it. Or show them the way to the swings.

As it was, Sam arrived home late, to tell Peggy that the growth was benign. Great news, but it didn’t help Lisa, who was still dreaming of Phil. But at least Sam’s got rid of the annoying lump in her life. And Ricky seems none the worse for it. ‘

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