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Odd Couple

by | 21st, August 2002

‘WHILE readers ponder why, if Ian Huntley was such an obvious weirdo, neither his milkman, his third cousin twice removed or the man who works in the shop where he once bought a pack of mints bothered to come forward and claim the Express’s million pound reward, the paper of largesse turns to that other vile sink of vice, perversion and sad losers: the Internet.

Tarik’s wedding present to his new wife

Having already heard in the Sun how Ian Huntley’s first girlfriend tried to contact him through Friends Reunited, a website for sick perverts who want to ‘relive their schooldays’, the Express focuses on a 60-year-old grandmother who went in search of a younger man on the web.

Sylvia Ouhtit duly happened upon a 22-year-old Moroccan called Tarik, seducing him up in a chat room and grooming him for her own strange pleasures. She even divorced her husband, Eric Norton, so she could marry the young man.

She claims that being with Tarik makes her feel ”like a lovesick teenager”, although there is no suggestion that this Internet enthusiast has got hold of one – yet.

After many a typed conversation, Sylvia went to meet the man who called himself The Fortune Teller. And after four trips to his homeland, she married him.

But immigration officials will not allow Tarik to move to Britain, unconvinced as they are that the couple will remain together. Tarik doesn’t help his application when he asks: ”Since when has age made any difference?”

We are happy to join the Mail and ask: ”Is hanging too good for these people?”

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